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Hey guys! Comment below if you have and follow me please for a shoutout! ( ayla.schrimpf12 ) Thats mine!!

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LifeEdited: Graham Hill's Tiny Apartment — Treehugger

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Gather round, let me tell you a fun thing about my country's school system. You are always in class with the same people. Your classmates are the people who were last year. And who will be next year. Same in high school. But, regardless, when me and @papirkecske sit together, prepare for trouble.


I have kind-of laid back on the not posting DM things, but this is annoying af. So if you post these things you will get blocked and sent off the board. Ik what I just posted was kind-of a shoutout I guess but I was doing it for the sake of you guys. You can still post stuff like contests and FALDCs, and like 25 likes for a -- or like send me a pin of this, but stuff like "share this strawberry!" Is SOO annoying. k bye.

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Ice cream, ice cream, my kingdom for ice cream (45 Photos)

Lol Ii remember this back in the days early 80's when I was young at Rainbow Ice cream but it didn't have the point on curled over.


I found this on Instagram I think and I love it so much I had to put in on my pin. I believe this is a pisces constellation from the original person whoever designed it. I am a Gemini and would love one like this but for Gemini's, you know the idea is so cool so shoutout to whoever created it


Whoever gets them all right gets a shoutout BTW I cant comment for some reason so u will just have to look for the shoutout


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