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Lilac tree, I just planted these to line both sides of our long driveway. Fingers crossed it works!


We had two large lilac trees beside my house when I was young. My sister and I use to pick the flowers and suck out the honey. What a beautiful smell too.


Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac. I need to find a place for this.


Catawba Crape Myrtle gives 3 seasons of color. Deep green leaves in spring. Mid to late summer - deep purple blooms. Tip-trim the spent blooms to encourage a longer blooming cycle. A lovely bronze coats the leaves in autumn. Any flowers left to go to seed will become dark brown seed pods. Can also be trimmed into a small tree. Mature height - 10-12 feet. Spread - 8 to 12 feet and widest at the crown.


I have this tree in my front yard...i absolutely love it..just have to trim the bottom branches out as it grows because it will grow down like a bush if you dont. Texas Lilac (Vitex). They are hardy, drought tolerant, and the butterflies & bees love them.


Grafted Lilac Tree 8’ tall, Full sun. Requires little pruning, Best in well drained soils, but will tolerate sandy conditions. Growing zones 4 to 7.


Molly Jos S/S16 kollektion er inspireret af flotte lilla nuancer - inklusiv disse smukke kirsebærtræer, hvor blade er farvet lilla More


Dwarf Lilac Tree block out neighbors so want one in my backyard. Love there smell


Vibrant Lilac Blooms on a Dwarf Tree!


Fragrance Gardening: Japanese lilac tree, clematis, lilacs, summersweet, peonies, viburnum, mock-orange, roses, Russian sage, catmint