Lilac tree, I just planted these to line both sides of our long driveway. Fingers crossed it works!

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We had two large lilac trees beside my house when I was young. My sister and I use to pick the flowers and suck out the honey. What a beautiful smell too.

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Fragrance Gardening: Japanese lilac tree, clematis, lilacs, summersweet, peonies, viburnum, mock-orange, roses, Russian sage, catmint

Lilac Trees, incredibly fragrant and attractive small trees. These look alot easier to maintain than the bushes! Could this be the Miss Kim standard

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The Only Reblooming Lilac Tree! - If you love lilacs but have always wished for a longer blooming season, try the reblooming Bloomerang Lilac tree! • Get blooms twice a year- in mid-May, and again from July to first frost! • It has a magnificent fragrance that fills the air with its jasmine scent • Perfect...

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