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Linear Actuator Kit 1000mm (1meter)


Control a Large Linear Actuator with Arduino

This Arduino Linear Actuator Tutorial shows how to do basic manual control of a large linear actuator using an Arduino and two buttons. In the first set of code, the first button extends the actuator and the second button retracts the actuator. In the second set of code, the two buttons move the linear actuator to preset positions.Large linear actuators traditionally have five wires. Two wires are for powering the motor and three wires go the internal potentiometer for reading position. The two relays are used to toggle the positive and negative power to the motor in order to determine the direction of piston travel. The first bit of code doesn't use this, and the second uses this to reach a goal position. Let's get started.


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V-Slot Linear Actuators by OpenBuilds - Thingiverse


Low-Cost Linear Actuator Based on the Sarrus Linkage

Picture of Low-Cost Linear Actuator Based on the Sarrus Linkage



New Arrivals!! 6000N/600kgs load heavy duty linear actuator DC 12V/24V 20inch/500mm stroke 5mm/s linear actuators *** For more information, visit image link.


V-Slot™ Linear Actuator Bundle (Belt Driven) - OpenBuilds Part Store

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The Mighty Lip Balm Linear Actuator

The Mighty Lip Balm Linear Actuator