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LOL! Just a little something to make you chuckle! We love the Bears and Packers fans even though we know the real champs are our LIONS!


Keep lions out of homes, they belong in the wild. You are not helping lions by keeping them in your home.


I hope your home is The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado....if you're captured..that's where you need to be....prayers

from Gonna Want Seconds

Lion House Rolls

Lion House Rolls are incredibly tender, luscious buttery, super delicious rolls you can make at home. With a little planning they're easy enough for a Sunday Supper, but special enough for any Holiday. This is one of my most requested recipes!


The essence of Christmas is its relevance. It can have a home at every stage of life. It is the voice crying out in wilderness and not a story tale once told. It can be as meaningful in the present as it was 2000 years ago, for Jesus is still shining bright. This year take time and look at twinkle of the lights or the stars shining bright, may it also be a reminder of the One who gives light to all. Christmas is all about the good news of a changed heart


M'bari from the San Diego Zoo has a message for Izu. There's a new king in town--temporarily. M'bari & Etosha are vacationing at Lion Camp while their home is being improved. (Photo by Todd Lahman)