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List of Civil Rights Movement books with lesson plans and activities

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Art of the Civil Rights Movement

Art of the Civil Rights Movement - Use Art to Teach History - the Art Curator for Kids

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Beyond Martin Luther King Jr.

Many of these picture books would be great for launching Civil Rights discussions in the upper elementary classroom.

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15 Books Every Young Black Woman Should Read

Check out a brief list of some of the books every young black woman should read. And if you're older and haven't checked out these reads yet, please do!

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Everyday American Civil Rights Heroes: Kids Books About Regular People Who Dared to Stand Up

Picture and chapter books for kids ages 4 to 14 about the non-famous, regular people who dared to stand up for American Civil Rights. Includes fiction and non-fiction. Chosen by a children's librarian.

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Graphic Novel Depicts John Lewis' 'March' Toward Justice

March 1 | John Lewis is the only person to have spoken at the 1963 March on Washington who is still alive. He was just 23 years old when he addressed the crowd of more than 200,000 at the Lincoln Memorial 50 years ago.

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The campaign for civil rights in America led to many clashes and protests. Read how this situation was experienced and eventually overcome

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"Girls Are Strong"

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Picture Books About Social Justice

If you teach social justice in any way in your classroom, you'll love this blog post of various social justice books!

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17 Photos of History's Most Rebellious Women

Great list, I think looking into the life of even one of these women would do so much for ANYONE, but women and girls in particular.

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