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Use this range of opposites worksheets to help teach your preschooler some simple opposites concepts.

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The Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman

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25 Books about opposites

Teach all about opposites with this fun list of 25 books! Perfect for kindergartners!

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Favorite Font Combos: Handwritten Fonts

10 Fave Font Combos | The best way to match fonts, is to pick your favorites and just play with them. Always remember the rule of opposites attract. If you look through my list, you’ll see that none of the fonts look like their partners. Bold and delicate, thick and fine, cursive and straight, all caps, and lower case.

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Over 180 Synonyms for Big, Small, Said, and Went

Has your class had the funeral for said, went, big, and small yet? This is a great list of better synonyms for those words.

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