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Apollo 1 Fire Jan 28, 1967 12:31 pm Tragedy struck on the launch pad during a preflight test for Apollo 204, scheduled to be the first Apollo manned mission. It would have been launched on February 21, 1967, but Astronauts Virgil Grissom, Edward White, and Roger Chaffee lost their lives when a fire swept through the Command Module (CM) on January 27, 1967. The fire began at 23:31:04.7 GMT (6:31:04.7 p.m. EST). This image taken after the fire shows exterior damage to the command module.


Hall & Oates performed at live at the Apollo with Eddie Kendrick's & Dave Ruffin This picture of Daryl is him performing at his best at the Apollo.


Virgil Ivan Grissom (April 3, 1926 – January 27, 1967), (Lt Col, USAF), better known as Gus Grissom, was one of the original NASA Project Mercury astronauts and a United States Air Force pilot. He was the second American to fly in space, and the first member of the NASA Astronaut Corps to fly in space twice. Grissom was killed along with fellow astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee during a pre-launch test for the Apollo 1 mission at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.


Astronauts (left to right) Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee posing in front of Launch Complex 34.


John Denver / Live at The Apollo Theater [10/26/1982] (Full) - Around minute 27 - the Our Father in sign. YouTube