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The New York Times Election 2012 app is the one-stop destination for politics news. Follow the day’s must-read political stories as they unfold throughout the day, with handpicked, up-to-the-moment coverage from around the Web and the complete New York Times political report. Plus, get the latest polling numbers, state-by-state projections, candidate bios and live election results at your fingertips.


Live election results and coverage #primaryelectionresults...: Live election results and coverage… #primaryelectionresults

Follow live election results for the Louisiana presidential primary, including a map of precinct-by-precinct votes across the entire state.

"What are Human Rights?" Lessons for Kids

Compare the different Human Rights that in different countries compared to the United States. This could open the children's minds to the freedoms and responsibilities that each person has.


You only THINK you cant live without it . Once you let that shit go you slowly realize just how much better off you are without it . I loved my Job , and those I worked with but The amount of Stress , worry , frustration and anxiety is not worth my happiness . I made a chose to leave , I knew I wanted better , feel free , not burdened by everyone elses faults , issues or worries . It feels so good to just be free of all that and living happy .


Live election results map for the US midterms

Live election results map for the US midterms (2010)

How Election Results Really Work

With 13 more Election Days, the primary season still has a long way to go. Here we answer your questions about how live election results are reported and published on the New York Times website and apps.