Siku is an ambassador for his wild cousins. live cam: Best Viewing Hours 8-11 am EDT (2-5 pm CET) Siku’s name is the most common word for “sea ice” in all Eskimo/Inuit languages. His name is symbolic, because wild polar bears are 100% dependent on sea ice for their survival and that ice is rapidly disappearing due to global warming.

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I encourage you to check out our human rights series, short films that highlight human rights leaders from all over the world. Learn about forgiveness in Rwanda, the World Food Programme in Darfur, leadership in China and support for women immigrants here in the United States, and more.

Watch the sunrise over the pristine coastline of Turtle Bay on the northern tip of Oahu, home to the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal.

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An awesome live jellyfish cam! Plus links to a whole slew of other nature cams on (Check them out at your own risk - you might lose a whole afternoon!) Japanese sea nettles that reside at the Vancouver Aquarium — a non-profit society dedicated to the conservation of aquatic life.

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River Watch - Brown Bear & Salmon Cams---* a big list of different animal cams w/ different levels of activity year 'round.

pin 4 has dozens of live animal and wildlife cams active, including: Cayman reef, honey bee hives, Grey Seal pups, the tundra, bears and salmon, kitten rescue, arctic terns, sea dragons, bison, penguins, service dog training, puppies, four different panda cams, polar bears, and belugas (and that's not even all of them). - Biology

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LOL Funny and CUTE Panda Bears - LIVE cam from China! :)

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Polar Cam | San Diego Zoo There are cameras for elephants, koalas, apes, and polar bears also.

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I’m watching the @exploreorg #PandaCam, streaming live from Bifengxia Panda Base in Sichuan, China:

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