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Living and nonliving things was a quick review this year due to covering it on and off throughout first semester. After we reviewed with making anchor charts, kiddos wrote about it in their journals. #LivingThings #EarthDay | by The Bubbly Blonde

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Characteristics of Living Things Made of Cells Obtain and Use Energy Grow and Develop Reproduce Respond to Their Environment Ada...

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This FREE living and non-living things packet is a simple but wonderful tool for sorting practice, creative expression, community learning, or a science center! Simply cut out the labels and pictures and allow students to sort the cards. The included poster is a convenient reference guide for students who are not as familiar with the concept of "living" and "nonliving." One "Living Things" poster, two "Living" and "Nonliving" labels, and 18 picture cards are included in this free…

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