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from Luiz Leitão Estúdio de Textos

Loan shark

Loan shark = Someone who lends money to people and charges them a very high rate of interest. Agiota. Loan-sharking = Agiotagem.

£5000 of Loan Sharks Cash Available to Residents in Cumbria The Illegal Money Lending Team, who investigate and prosecute loan sharks, are putting forward multiple pots of £5000 of Proceeds of Crime Money

Tony Sirico aka 'Paulie Walnuts' as a loan shark - loan shark -

from The Penny Hoarder

How to Become a Loan Shark (The Good Kind)

One of the only, true passive ways to make money is by lending money to others and collecting the interest. Here are a couple of ways to become the richest loan shark on the block...