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This diagram of meat cuts for beef, pork and lamb is a great tool to use at your local butcher. The infographic also lists cooking preparation suggestions for each cut of meat, helping you to decide if you should braise, grill, roast, stir-fry or pan-fry various cuts.

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Victor Churchill Butcher Shop In Sydney

Victor Churchill Butcher Shop In Sydney

Victor Churchill Butcher Shop In Sydney - wish I'd found this on my trip there, amazing looking

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Hey Denver, the amazing new local butcher shop weve been working with, Western Daughters, is doing a super interesting class tomorrow evening for those interested in sustainable, whole animal butchery. Ill be there, and you can sign up here.

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Rump and rib of lamb with wild garlic risotto and fava beans

This lamb with wild garlic recipe is at its glorious best during spring, when all of the ingredients are seasonal. With a few tweaks, though, it can be enjoyed all year round. Ask your local butchers for both rump and rib of lamb. - Shaun Rankin

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Crispy, Crackly Skin Is the Star of This Roast Pork Loin

A hearty family roast, done right, is cause for celebration—and a great reason to know your local butcher! This pork loin is flavored with herbs and served with spiced apple chutney.

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Lessons From My Butcher: Breaking Down a Pig

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Shoppers at Butcher Counter in A&P Grocery Store

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Butcher Shop Cuts Diagram rustic wood sign by mangoseedmarketplace, $65.00-cool for the kitchen! But not the "support your local butcher"

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