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Gone to the Dogs

Gone to the Dogs By Susan Conant - Holly Winter’s life revolves around her two Alaskan malamutes. When a local veterinarian disappears, Holly digs into the investigation — and it turns out there are plenty of people who may have wanted the man dead…

This is Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga was brought to a local veterinarian with a broken leg. She was administered a gas anesthetic. A lateral incision was made over the affected joint.

A local veterinarian has seen 7 cases of parvo in the last 2 weeks.

North Naples Firefighters Kevin Bee, left, and Art Rodriguez, hold oxygen to the mouth and nose of Emma, a 17-year-old Siamese cat, before transporting her to a local veterinarian.

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Local veterinarian gets special recognition for providing care despite owners’ economic situations |

PHOTO: Devastated Koala Realizes His Home Is Gone

"This koala wandered back to his home in New South Wales, Australia last week only to find it had been cut down and chipped by logging operations. The koala had been sitting on top of the wood pile for over an hour looking confused... He was later taken to a local veterinarian and released near an established colony, but the heartbreaking photo shows some of the hardships faced by animals over the past few years..."

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Local Veterinarian Aims to Protect K-9 Police Dogs

Local Veterinarian Aims to Protect K-9 Police Dogs - Greenfield, WI Patch

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S DAKOTA Pepper is just a puppy and she will need an adopter who is committed to all her training! Her adoption fee does not include the cost of her spay surgery. Once adopted, she will be transported to a local veterinarian. She will be released to her...

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Quality Pet Grooming Set by “Waggy Tails”. For small Dogs and Cats. Cut away knots with our De-Matting tool which is double sided with 12/24 blades, then brush away loose fur with our small Grooming Brush. Designed to get into those small delicate places. Adult supervision is recommended if being used by young children. Guaranteed Quality Grooming Tools. Approved for use by our local Veterinarian

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