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Logic apps

10 Great Apps for English Language Learners and Teachers - learn English,english,apps,learn

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The BEST Educational Apps for Kids

This a list of the best educational apps for kids! They were on a variety of skills from reading to math to logic and coding. They are all fun and engaging learning apps!

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steven universe

OKAY, so I used the Cartoon Network app to see the new Steven Universe episode. This WILL 99.9% HAPPEN IF YOU ARE A FANGIRL/FANBOY. Be prepared for Sugar's Feels Bomb!

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"I'm a guy in my military uniform, driving to work. Singing along to Dinsey songs. #nofucksgiven"

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100 free printable mazes to build logic and reasoning skills. Six levels of play from beginner to maze master.

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"Why don't we hit people? Because it's disrespectful. Oh, unless it's a child. Somehow, hitting a child teaches them respect. Because, you know, logic and stuff."

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