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Deep Learning Tutorial part 1/3: Logistic Regression - Lazy Programmer

This is part 3/3 of a series on deep belief networks. Part 1 focused on the building blocks of deep neural nets – logistic regression and gradient descent. Part 2 focused on how to use logistic regression as a building block to create neural networks, and how to train them. Part 3 will focus on …


Introduction to R for Data Science: Session 8 [Intro to Text Mining in R, ML Estimation + Binomial Logistic Regression]

A Type III error occurs when a statistical test is used to answer the wrong research question. Type III errors occur as a result of miscommunication and not making proper hypotheses in applied statistics.

LOGISTIC REGRESSION Some techniques help in solving any problem. Read more on logistic Regression here at: #ExcelR #logisticRegression

Deep networks are widely regarded as black boxes. But are they truly uninterpretable in any way that logistic regression is not?