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Ouch. I mean, really OUCH. Especially the third picture down on the left, when he's begging Odin to tell him about him being a frost giant, and the TRUE pain he felt in that scene, not just a facade he was putting on ....... goodness, OUCH. Loki ❤️

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Aww. So sad...but don't worry, Loki, you have an army of fans who are more than willing to listen.

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34 Amazing Crossovers You Wish Were Real

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Loki ... I was screaming this the WHOLE TIME throughout The Avengers..... Did anyone listen? NO! Just a whole buncha Loki hating. *grumpy glares all around*

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Loki - Tom Hiddleston This made me feel so sad....Poor Loki!!!:(

Loki - Tom Hiddleston This made me feel so sad....Poor Loki!!!:(

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That face! I just wanna hug him so badly! It's okay Loki, there are so many girls out there that love you!

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I think he thinks it's funny how NOT original Volstagg is (and that it's darkly funny that things haven't really changed). Because his reaction to Sif vs Volstagg is actually very different.

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Loki :( punching me in the face would have hurt much less then this <--- I KNOOOOWWWW, RIGHT???

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