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Comixed: Capt'n Link Won't Stand for This  This made me laugh XD

Comixed: Capt'n Link Won't Stand for This This made me laugh XD

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Stirrup Pants

stirrup pants... Oh how I hated these, couldn't stand the way they felt under my foot! And yet Mama continued to buy them for me! LOL

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DIY Floating Birch Cake Stand

DIY Floating Cupcake Stand.....i saw this and was thinking about that wedding u where talking about i just poppes up out of no

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sad, but true. Where are the real men? Not arrogant bastards; not tools that use women for sex; not cowards that hide behind whatever they can use as an excuse--Man up. I know American culture makes it hard to be a guy--but be BRAVE. be STRONG. be GOOD. and for God's sake, don't be afraid to stand alone. I'm a girl. I can do it. Why can't you?

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It's fun at a gallop with Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Red Shire Horse The Shire horse is an English draft horse that comes in many colors, including the red color shown here. They can stand as tall as 68 inches and are capable of bearing heavy loads. In the past, they were a popular choice for pulling wagons full of beer to be delivered to customers across England.

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Wedding in the Woods

i like how everyone is standing....we should do this...with special seating in the front for certain people...liz would not approve lol

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Her Niece Got Suspended For Standing Up To A Bully But She Never Expected It Was For This

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Laugh For Today

My bruiser attitude in hockey is nothing compared to some other Canadians (or how bad I used to be... lol) I will neither confirm or deny that I was involved in a fistfight in the stands before hahahaha (I will confirm that I won, though lol)

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God grant me the serenity to accept the fact that I work with crazy bitches. The courage to stand up for myself. And the wisdom to know that karma will slap them in the face.

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