World War II, 13th February 1945, London, England, A Rescue worker holds a cat amidst the devastation and rubble caused by a V-bomb launched by a Nazi raid in Judd Street (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

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East London suffered extensive bombing raids by the Luftwaffe during the 1941 blitz (Tower of London in the background)

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Buckingham Palace bombed - ClippingBook - Freakiest Things That Have Happened on Friday the 13th, scary. horror, history

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The Blitz was the sustained bombing of Britain by Nazi Germany between 7 September 1940 and 10 May in the Second World War. While the Blitz hit many towns and cities across the country, it began with the bombing of London for 57 consecutive nights.

Boys clear rubble and begin to prepare the ground with spade, fork and rake, in order plant beans on a makeshift allotment on a London bomb site. The seeds they will be planting were sent to them from America.

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Germany bombs London 7-15 September 1940 On 7 September 1940, the Luftwaffe unleashed a merciless bombing campaign against London and Britain's major cities. Instead of breaking morale, however, the raids only galvanised the will of the British people for the rest of the war. Photo: Winston Churchill inspecting bomb damage in Battersea, South London, 10 September 1940.

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Winston Churchill inspecting bomb damage in the House of Commons debating chamber on May 11, 1941.

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