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London school of photography

Architecture Photography: Beauty of Interior and Exterior Designs

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( no powers or fandoms, open rp) I live in a town, nobody gets me and I have no friends. Except for one, and she gets me. The town I live in is dark and busy. Everybody does the same thing every day like machines. This is my view...... For now. I'm thinking of running away..... Tonight.

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Long-gone East End London - Telegraph: Small is Fun, March 7, 1939 Children who are small enough to pass under an archway in Bow, east London, qualify for a weekly parcel of toys. In 1907 the headmistress of Devons Primary School in Bow, Clara Grant, set up a wooden arch on the pavement, inscribed with ‘Enter all ye children small, None can come who are too tall’. Any child able to pass through the arch without bending could receive a parcel of toys for a farthing.

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The Maughan Library ~ is the main research library of King's College London, forming part of the Strand Campus. It is housed by a 19th-century neo-Gothic building in the City of London. It is a Grade II listed building.

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Getting off Auto - Manual, Aperture and Shutter Priority modes explained

Some of the clearest instructions I've seen. Macro image of a digital camera's controls set on auto.

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Jonathan Gales, From Dystopia to Utopia: Fanciful Megalomania, c. 2010 (via dpr-barcelona; paavo) ‘The film project Fanciful Megalomania is described by its author Jonathan Gales, as some “Fanciful drawings of construction sites“. Gales is a film maker and designer based in London. For his master degree at the Bartlett School of Architecture, he is researching on the mixed use of film, animation, music and photography. Gales says about his project “the film is focused ... More after…

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