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blackbucky: Mythology Meme || Favorite Goddesses [1/10] || Bastest To those who were in her favor, she gave great blessings, but her wrath was legendary and she was sometimes listed as one of Ra’s avenging deities who punish the sinful and the enemies of Egypt. This is of course in keeping with her totem animal, the cat. Cats were sacred to Bast, and to harm one was deemed a great transgression. {x}

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Unpack Your Adjectives: A Week of Fun with Adjectives - Camping Themed Week Long Adjective Unit based on Schoolhouse Rock's Adjective video!

"Green great dragon" or "great green dragon"? Let's take a look at the correct way to order adjectives (and yes, there is a correct way).


In this worksheet you will find an easy explanation of comparative with short and long adjectives, and then some easy exercises - ESL worksheets

SESQUIPEDALIAN [noun] 1. a long word. 2. a person given to using long words. [adjective] 3. given to using long words. 4. a word containing many syllables. Etymology: from Latin sesquipedalis,...


I've known her for 4 year,and this is her childhood picture,im gonna keep it as long as i breathe cause she is the most "any good adjective"in my life:)