Jack Otterstedt - just get rid of the overly furry chest

Mathias "Vreth" Lillmåns, vocalist for Finnish folk metal band Finntroll. Also the vocalist and bassist for the bands Chthonian and Twilight Moon.

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Don't know who this hot guy is, but, I would love to meet him, face to face. Gorgeous ❤

James Rousseau, British model, b.

For some reason I find medium hair on guys attractive...maybe because of Heath Ledger's hair.....

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Some serious long-haired mancandy.

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If you must tattoo, fine, you can add a shirt to your upperbody. Just PLEASE don't add tattoos to your face, not attractive at all.

Alborn Low-land hunter - A.

APOCOLYPSE BOY #1 HANNIABLE. Hangs out at bars. Gamble's, keeps out violent drunks and really likes to play games. Is given three meals a day for his extra help.

Picture of Randy Lebeau

Anton Marko Volkov- Princess Lina Nadya Nash's cook

Miles McMillan [Inspiration for the Cult Leader]

i want to run through this man's hair like it is a field of flowers, frolicking merrily

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Awwww - look, he made us coffee. (Or is it tea? Seriously, that cup is tiny, I can barely see what's in it! But I'm sure it is tea )

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The earth wolf, son of Finrir and Pru

90. Männer Hairstyle: Fast nichts müssen Männer mit langen Haaren machen. Lässig und stilsicher ist der Look. #BeardHype

20 Classy Long Hairstyles For Men

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32 Gorgeous Top Male Models with Long Hair

Erik Lanvik (25)- Alpha. The oldest of the four Lanvik brothers. He and Jukka have been feuding since Erik stealing Jukka's mate Delaney. Erik is playful, loyal, and loves playing his acoustic guitar.

Photograph Le Guerrier de Cendres by Sophie Narses on