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Dan Fogelberg is my mom and my aunt's favorite singer. The closest she has come to being a groupie. This is Same Old Lang Syne.


Omg ... Dan Fogelberg ... What a crush I had on him in college ! Eyes you could get lost in....Love this picture of Dan ... Gone too soon, but your beautiful music will live on for the ages.


Longer ~ Dan Fogelberg [ CC ] Written while Dan was on vacation in Maui. He said it was like it was out there, just floating around in the universe and chose him, Dan Fogelberg, to give it a good home. We are happy that he listened to the universe and was in beautiful Maui when it came home to him then to us. That's what it's all about...listening to the universe....It's all there.


Dan Fogelberg: Greatest Hits (1982) Longer. Make Love Stay. Run for the Roses. Same Auld Ang Syne. This album still has the power to tug at my heartstrings, reduce me to heavy-sighs...a reminder of an easier, less-complicated era of my life.