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How to Build Your Own Rick And Morty Portal Gun

The ability to leap seamlessly between parallel universes hasn’t been discovered yet. But using a very loose definition of the word “working,” and with $40 (or less!), you too can make your very own portal gun from Rick and Morty.

Wait, These New York City Squares Aren’t Actually Square... New Yorkers have a loose definition of what constitutes a 'square,' but here are some extreme examples of places named 'Square' where a different polygon would be more fitting.


Most Marketers Have A Fairly Loose Definition Of Agency Specialization - Marketing Charts

Most Marketers Have A Fairly Loose Definition Of Agency Specialization - Marketing Charts | The MarTech Digest

Alaska's loose definition of 'new' oil is bad public fiscal policy | Alaska Dispatch News

Amphibian August #01 – Tiktaalik We’re using a fairly loose definition of “amphibian” here, especially for the first few days – basically, anything in the evolutionary grade between lobe-finned fish and reptiles.


Austin Asks Liz To Be His Girlfriend On 'Big Brother 17' & Has A Loose Definition Of How A Break Up Is Done


Your friendships shrink as you get older-unless you have a loose definition of friendship. I think it’s amplified for me because I’m still single. My friends have gotten married and had kids. They have less time to give. More people have come into their lives.But the amount of people in my life has stayed the same. I’ll text them to see if they want to go to a Phillies game. And I always get an immediate ‘yes.’ But something always comes up right before the game. It’s hard to not feel left…


Amazing #penandink #illustration by Tim Odland (@odlandtim) of #dieselpunk #superhero #TheRocketeer! While I have personally never heard of the Rocketeer officially been called a "superhero" I figured he (a.k.a. Cliff Secord) flies around with a #jetpack fighting Nazis and saving people... and he appears in a #comicbook or two so I believe that fits well within the loose definition of "superhero." I love the #composition of this #drawing... it's great how Tim placed the #Rocketeer on a roof…

Why People with a Mental Illness Shouldn’t Be Denied Guns Yes, you read the heading right. Now take a deeper look and read the article. Basing gun ownership issues on a loose definition of "mental illness" is about stigma and stereotyping, something I'm 1000 % against.


If your team has been practicing some form of Agile or Scrum, it likely has a very loose definition of an MVP, a Minimal Viable Product. The question is, are you launching MVPs at the end of each sprint, or are you launching “whatever we were able to fit into a 2-week sprint cycle?” If your iteration planning tends to focus on timelines, feature sets, and estimates--rather than on the value to the customer of whatever you’re building - then it’s time to spend 90 minutes with Will…