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A cheater. No morals...cheated on her spouse (thankfully) AND now cheating on the second loser boyfriend with the first loser boyfriend... Who taught this man/woman morals?! What a gross, disgusting pos!! Only wimpy losers will sleep with that 4x4 dwarf freak! No one of substance would want that trash! Will never marry!! Hahaha forever miserable... Forever alone AND a Broke ass! So deserved! ;)


Spent several hours yesterday listening to two women (one younger and one older) pissing and moaning about their loser boyfriends who steal their prescription meds and refuse to get jobs, yet justifying why they stay with them. "But I love him!" WHAT THE HEY-ULL IS WRONG WITH (SOME) WOMEN THESE DAYS?! Do yourself a favor and get sterilized before it's too late. KEEP CALM AND CHOOSE A REAL MAN.


I so needed to hear this. I have this idea in my head that he's living it up without me and soooo happy with my replacement, his new "supply".