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Lost Birth Certificate

from Etsy

Misplaced Objects - Magic Spell - Book of Shadows - Wicca Spells - Magick - Ritual Spell - Witchcraft - Witchcraft Spell - Wicca - Grimoire

Misplaced objects spell I wonder if this would work for something lost in a different state.

Fritz, I understand you lost your glass eye but... Do you really think you are going to find it in this shit? ....Yes. It will wink at me.

Haha FUN FACT the OP of this post is actually a huge cunt and lost it on a bunch of people for asking if they were missing a toe (:

It's working in Oregon. It should ALREADY be working in America but the GOP knows that the young, the poor, the students, the minorities, the really old who don't have driver's licenses or whose birth certificates have been lost, those are the people that would vote them right out of office, out the front door and onto the street.

Forgotten Bookmarks: A Bookseller’s Collection of Odd Things Lost Between the Pages Michael Popek From actual bookmarks to photographs, ticket stubs, lists, scribbled recipes, children’s drawings, birth certificates, four-leaf-clovers, unsent love letters, and countless other funny, heartbreaking, and odd ephemera, this scrapbook of intriguing finds by a used bookstore owner Michael Popek opens a rare window into the private lives of anonymous strangers through snippets of their life…

That's why it doesn't matter what facts are presented, this Benghazi thing will be talked about on Fox News until January 20, 2017, when Hillary takes office. This is the tried-and-true practice of "Swiftboating" on display, just like the furor over Obama's birth certificate. Anyone gullible enough to believe the lies will be outraged.

from The General Report

The Forgotten White Slaves

WHITE CARGO: If anyone, black or white, believes that slavery was only an African experience, then they’ve got it completely wrong. Irish slavery is a subject worth remembering, not erasing from our memories.

Well, isn't this interesting! Why didn't the MSM follow up on this story? Oh, yeah . . . It would be 'racist'. Any time you question anything about the half white-half black President - be it his birth certificate, college transcripts, school transcripts, tax returns, SSN discrepancies, or anything, for that matter - is seen as 'racist'. So glad to see him be gone. And, can't wait for the truth to be brought to light. Because, the truth ALWAYS comes out!!