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The Lost Self - Life after Narcissism

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Rupi Kaur - "milk and honey" Huge difference

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Ballerina Barbie. One time I used nail polish as eye shadow on her. I used nail polish remover to take it off and her eyes came off with it. Horrifying!!! I hid her under my bed after that

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Little Sad Antique Doll

FYI This composition doll can be easily repaired with the same patching plaster you use to fix nail holes.

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You don't lose friends, because real friends can never be lost. You lose people masquerading as friends, and you're better for it.

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is it possible that he's lost his sanity? so early in age, has he truly succumbed to the filthy murmurs filling the back of his head, festering and rearing forefront when the handle of a gun became commonplace? has red become his favorite color simply because he likes the way it paints his cheekbones, sharpening them like a starved warrior; the way it swirls prettily down the drain after he cleans the bed of nails? has he fallen into delirium, or is it maybe everyone else who's a little…

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So sad some days about how close I came to belonging to that pretty little lady. Too bad her father thought I was raised wrong.... :(

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No matter how aggressive an Aries can be, they are smart enough to know what battles to fight.

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