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How to Replace (and Store) Crucial Documents

How to Get a Copy of Your Birth Certificate, Replace a Passport, and Store Important Documents |


That Time You Needed a Certified Birth Certificate. #BirthRecords #VitalRecords #USBirthCertificate #TravelTuesday

from BBC News

Who, what, why: What happens when a country loses its 'birth certificate'

Fiji lost its "birth certificate"

Well, isn't this interesting! Why didn't the MSM follow up on this story? Oh, yeah . . . It would be 'racist'. Any time you question anything about the half white-half black President - be it his birth certificate, college transcripts, school transcripts, tax returns, SSN discrepancies, or anything, for that matter - is seen as 'racist'. So glad to see him be gone. And, can't wait for the truth to be brought to light. Because, the truth ALWAYS comes out!!