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Misplaced objects spell I wonder if this would work for something lost in a different state.

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The 167 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

Haha FUN FACT the OP of this post is actually a huge cunt and lost it on a bunch of people for asking if they were missing a toe (:

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Cabbage Patch Kids

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Obituary, Mrs. Margaret Rea...simple page with great use of heritage photos and genealogical information.

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I Love My Birth Mother—But Her Name Was Removed From My Birth Certificate

I lost my mom at age 6, but I am so lucky to have a name printed on my birth certificate that belongs to a woman I admire and revere.

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I do this at least once a day nd it can get pretty frustrated losing things all the time

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Gigi Grant . Daughter of the genie . Age " dad says i'm 15 , but he lost my birth certificate somewhere between darius the great and julius caesar , so i'm really not sure " .

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Age:Dad says I'm 15, But he lost my birth certificate somewhere between Darius the great and Julius Caesar,so I'm really not sure.

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How to Replace (and Store) Crucial Documents

Why, how, and where to get copies of school transcripts, plus how long it takes.

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Annegret Soltau

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