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Lotr Online

Belgariad+Map | Are you using any of the extra features- maps and indexes, for ...

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Amarthiel, Witch Queen of Angmar - This is a concept design from Lord of the Rings Online for Amarthiel, the Witch Queen of Angmarim. She is an elf that has been corrupted by Sauron and rules Angmar, a dark kingdom north of Mordor. Her face has been marred and she wears a mask to cover her long lost beauty.

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repair-her-armor: urjabhi: Concepts for “The Lord of the Rings Online” by Wesley Burt. I’m in love with these!

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more LOTR:Online concept work I did this year for the Isengard expansion massiveblackinc: (via Massive Black, Inc.)

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dil-howlters-shirt: DIL-HOWLTERS-SHIRT FUN THINGS MASTERPOST This is a masterpost of cool things to do fun websites to visit. I got these from other masterposts that will be listed here: impossiblyamelia chemistry-hoe !!! remind this to yourself more often !! ADD/ADHD study (and life) hacks apps for the sick student bibliography reference generator best relaxing tune ever brainstorming do nothing for 2 minutes how to beat stress from school improve focusing 1 2 meditation apps (iPhone…

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