I was a flower who grew out of mud. Then I got pushed down further into the mud by someone I loved and trusted. Now I must be a lotus flower all over again, but stronger and grow higher. I will ever let anyone throw mud on me again.

Black and gray dotwork lotus tattoo by Always wanted a collar bone piece like this but it'd be just as cool between the shoulder blades.

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Lotus tattoo (+dot work)... - Flowers by Dezdemon.com

Lótus da querida Flávia <3 *Agenda fechada no momento. ✪Tattoo feita com…

Are you interested to do personal research on few spiritual good luck tattoos with meaning extremely popular from past few years?

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Lotus flower - We have 55 Lotus Flower Tattoos to show you. It is a very spiritual and meaningful flower.

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It's your choice to decide whether to drown in your troubles or to courageously survive. Because the harder the troubles the more spirited you become in the end ~The deeper the mud the more beautiful the lotus blooms~

Lotus Flower Tattoo by Medusa Lou Tattoo Artist - medusa_lou@outlook.com

Lotus Flower Tattoo by Medusa Lou Tattoo Artist - medusa_lou ** Take a look at more at the picture link