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Louis B. Mayer and Jean Harlow at a dinner in...

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It's Norma! with Louis B. Mayer, attending Jean Harlow‘s funeral at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale on June 9, 1937.

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Louis B. Mayer's home at 625 Palisades Beach Road, which features a gargoyle plinth that was a gift from William Randolph Hearst. Palisades Beach Rd, affectionately known just as Beach Road, was also moguls row and Marion Davies' massive mansion was just around the corner. 625 Beach Road would later be bought by Peter Lawford and his wife Patricia Kennedy

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Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler, 1914 - 2000 Arriving in Paris in 1937, Hedy soon met Louis B. Mayer, cofounder of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Mayer persuaded Hedy to change her name and she chose "Lamarr" after the popular silent film actress Barbara La Marr. He took her to Hollywood in 1938 where he began to promote her as the "World's Most Beautiful Woman" and modelled her after Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. Hedy's American debut was in the film "Algiers" which caused a national sensation on…

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Greer Garson, Louis B. Mayer and Clark Gable on the set of "Adventure" 1945 Poor Clark hated the tag used in the ad "Gables back and Garson's got him"

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There are two things I’m responsible for. One is whether or not I’m presenting believable behavior, which is totally subjective. The other thing is camera position: from where am I going to see this person?...In film we sculpt time, we sculpt behavior, and we sculpt light...I’m hoping that these elements will translate into feeling. It was Louis B. Mayer who said, “The genius of the movie business is that the only thing the purchaser gets is a memory.” That’s what directing is. - David…

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In 1909 Col. William Selig built the very first movie studio in Los Angeles, Selig Polyscope Studios, at 3800 Mission Rd. in Echo Park. He also started a zoo next door, aptly named Selig Zoo, mainly to supply the animals needed for his jungle pictures, but it was also open to the public. Selig Polyscope went bankrupt in 1918, and the facility then became Louis B. Mayer Pictures. Selig Zoo, however, stayed in business for 25 more years.

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