Louis tomlinson pregnant

When he and his lil beard and lil hair and smile and eyes were on stage looking beautiful like this. | 30 Times Louis Tomlinson Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction In 2013

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My resting heart rate is SUPER high and Ellen and I were discussing WHY that is....we decided that the Louis feels were permanently ingrained into my heart and therefore my heart was always beating faster. Scientific proof that feels do have an effect on the body. Louis Bicep feels bring my heart rate up at least 20 beats per minute. -H

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i feel like his belt completes this picture. why am i always drawn in by their belts? .......

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This is so cute!! Freddie is adorable and Lou is going to make a great dad!

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Trademark style: Louis kept his style understated in black jeans and a coordinating T-shir...

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