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Love Lines For Him

"Snow kissed me until my mouth was sore last night. He kissed me so much I was worried I'd turn him with all my saliva. He held himself on all fours above me and made me reach up for his mouth - and I did. And I would again. I'd cross every line for him. I'm in love with him. And he likes this better than fighting.


And, grinning broadly at the look of horror on Uncle Vernon's face, Harry set off toward the station exit, Hedwig rattling along in front of him, for what looked like a much better summer than the last.


Have revealed, super cute love quotes for her from the heart tumblr assorted in quotes arranged. Description from I searched for this on


What has been your personal favourite line from one of your movies? Rupert Grint: there was one line I said, but they nver actually used it. It was a weird line from the 5th Harry Potter, and someone was trying to start a fight with Harry, and I was standing up for him and said, "Do you want a fistful of Weasley?"


I think I would fall in love with any guy who said one of these to me....except for the last one. If some guy said the last one to me I would hit him in the face with a stick.<--- agreed


What if his dad fed it to him...? What if Mr. Lupin practically shoved the chocolate down his son's mouth...trying to kill the dog in him...Remus never knew...he just thought his dad loved chocolate and it became a comfort for him..<-----why must u do this to me