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30 Romantic Love Quotes iPhone Wallpaper

I really love this! Explaination; I tend to be shy when you first meet me, I like slooooow relationships. Slow meaning, don't even hold my hand or me the first time we meet. Let me loosen up & not get so nervous around you. I don't like rushing into stuff, at all. Just love me till I'm me again. Love me even when I get to the stage of being me. The real me. ♥


Happy as peaches to be able to love. I'll loooooooove him so much it'll move stars,so kindly y'all will see it I hope ☆☆○•○•!


"Grab my hair like you grabbed my heart, forcefully with your fists. Pull my hips closer to yours like the tides and teach me why the moon floods the beach at midnight. Remind me how to breathe by making me breathless. Don't love me tenderly, love me recklessly."

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50 Adorable, Flirty, Sexy, & Romantic Love Quotes

19 yrs ago when you ordered tea. .. your beautiful baby blues melted my heart. .. yrs later I still have the same feeling!!! Love you BP...


i do miss you. i miss the us that was .. the us when we first met .. i used to say, "i don't mind letting you wrap me around your little finger because i know you won't hurt me". i still don't think you hurt me intentionally. i just think you decided you didn't love me any more - why? you never told me. i don't know if i stifled you.. again, you never told me - that bit was unfair. but at the core, i love you.

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25 Quotes to Live By After a Breakup

He means so much to me. He's like family but lives in another state. Some how we grew a part and it brakes my heart. One day just maybe he'll understand that I truly love him. He's my best friend and I know there's nothing more to it. I'll always be here for you!!! Even tho you might not always be here for me. Stay strong I love you!!!


This may shock some of you -