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Love Paragraphs For Her

I love how Snow looks at Emma for the first time as her daughter, and looks at what she's done for herself to get her this far, and is proud. For once, Emma loses that tough woman image, and just becomes the little girl who's always yearned for her parents.


“‘I’m working on it.’ She was beautiful in combat. I know that’s a crazy thing to say, especially after we’d just climbed a sewage water fall, but her gray eyes sparkled when she was fighting for her life. Her face shown like a goddess’s, and believe me, I’ve seen goddesses. The way her Camp Half-Blood beads rested against her throat- Okay, sorry. Got a little distracted.”


"Although she could no longer see his face She could FEEL his LOVE LIFT her and carry her along as she walked & SHE KNEW that she was not really alone...". This is the last paragraph of something I wrote in the first year after Brad died. I've been wanting to put it on a painting for a long time. I thought it would be perfect for my widow sisters . #awp #americanwidowproject #widowsisters #youarebrave #artheals

That's almost exactly how I picture it, except I picture her like pulling up her skirt and him just staring slack-jawed because he'd been working too hard to get any for weeks


I love this idea! How neat! Topic Sentence is green, Supporting details are yellow, and closing sentence is red (Stop!) What a great way to teach this, and it would transition well to essay writing, too!