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*ME* What about girls u can't forget about girls who like nope LOVe serial Killers!!!!! 1st episode 2nd episode 3rd episode my favorite character dies

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The Six Wives of Henry VIII on the Showtime series, The Tudors.

The Magicians - Sophisticated, magical, fantastical, sexy grown up Harry Potter meets Narnia... Loved reading it and loving the TV series.

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Friends - tv show poster / print (infographic - quotes, logos & pictograms)

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The hopeless romantic in me loves this Spanish TV series found on Netflix. Brings back memories of growing up watching the Mexican novelas. But honestly great series, great acting and dresses.

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I loved this show until it jumped the shark bad!! But it's a classic!! Wish they would finish releasing the whole show on DVD - i own season 1 and that's it :(

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Bewitched is my favorite television show. Elizabeth Montgomery was so cute as Samantha. Watching the animated theme is one of my very earliest memories. Maybe it's why I wish I could fly. Still.

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Sliders - TV series This represents graphics because it is advertising people to watch a TV Show. I love Sliders!

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