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Love your wife

The Ten Best Marriage Tips of All Time

Love your spouse/partner more than you love your career, hobbies, & money. That other stuff can't live you back

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30 Happy Love Quotes You're Sure to Love

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Dear Husbands, I ve heard from your wife---she needs your attention. She tells me she s lonely. She feels isolated and ignored. Her life is wrapped around children, work, and/or household chores. She used to feel in love with life, and in love with you, but now she feels worthless and uninteresting. She feels like she s forgotten how to have fun.

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I'm very secure in my faithful husband, why becomes he has always been and never given a reason to doubt him in over 20 years ❤️

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I see so many people wrapped up in their phones ignoring their spouse and family, then wondering what happened when it all falls apart. Stop living in your devices and start loving your husbands!

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makin' out way there

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