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Loveless is an amazing Anime show, and there is also a manga for those who want to read it. Really good. I recommend it to anyone who loves VERY light Yaoi and to anyone who loves to stare at cute anime boys/men.

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100 days anime challenge - Day 59: favourite yaoi. First I wanted to take Free! since my favourite yaoi couple is in that show and I heavenly love that anime, but as it's not classified as such I decided to take Loveless. The character developpement, art and story is so well made that I imeadiatly bought all 12 manga. Aaaah~ Kouga-sensei, approving the 13 part of the manga really makes me happy, but don't u think that two years is a bit much time...TTOTT pls don't make me wait another two…

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((Open RP. I'll be him. Yaoi RP.)) I sat there, waiting for you to get off your phone. I groaned. "I exist, you know!" I said. You put your phone down, finally. "Fine. What do you wanna do?" You ask. "Oh, I don't know. It's not like you invited me to YOUR birthday party or anything." I said sarcastically.

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