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Low Salt Recipes

Love the garlic. Lose the salt. Try these easy cooking tips for making flavor packed, low sodium meals. Baked chicken, roasted asparagus and fresh salmon are just a few easy dishes to try with a low sodium spin.

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3 Steps Homemade -Low Salt Spaghetti Sauce

Here ia another healthy and cheap homemade sauce 3 Steps Homemade -Low Salt Spaghetti Sauce List of Ingredients 2 Med Onions, chopped 1 tsp PAM oil 2 Cloves minced Garlic 4 8 oz cans no-salt tomatoes 2 6 oz cans no-salt tom... More

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Salt Free Taco Seasoning

Salt Free Taco Seasoning from Salt-Free alternative to the envelope mix. good for seasoning taco meat, burrito meat, meat loaf. Also good sprinkled over cottage cheese, or mixed into sour cream for a dip. Add according to taste preference.

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6 Low- to No-Sodium Versions of Your Favorite Salty Foods

Oh, salt: You make things taste so good, but too much of you makes our hearts feel so bad. In honor of World Salt Awareness Week​, we've rounded up healthified versions of salty recipes so you can have your cake and eat it, too.

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5 Low-Sodium Meals That Won’t Make You Reach for the Salt Shaker

You'll never believe these awesome meals are low in sodium. Healthy & delicious recipes that are home runs!

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Brush chicken with a homemade mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, crushed rosemary leaves and garlic powder for an easy, low sodium baked chicken recipe. Click through to check out more easy low sodium recipes.

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Low Sodium Meatloaf

Low Sodium Meatloaf I didnt do the celery or carrot, I added more garlic and a whole white onion, 2 eggs 1.50 lb hamburger, Panko bread crumbs instead of oats, no milk. Also added a pinch of cayenne and turmeric for health!

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Amazing. This marinade has no salt but she says you will never miss it. I think it would work on chicken or pork.

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