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Lowes Open Hours

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This Bathroom Renovation Tip Will Save You Time and Money

White and clear glass elements make a small bathroom feel deceptively spacious. Check out this bathroom transformation for more style tips!

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How to Locate & Seal Duct Work Leaks- Leaky and poorly insulated ducts (especially in attics) severely compromise the performance of your heating and cooling equipment. Sealing and insulating your ducts can increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by 20 percent and greatly increase air flow. (Lowering that power bill!)

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9:45, not open yet 9 cars full of old people in the parking lot | Retail Robin

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On this day 27th September 1825, The world's first public railway service began with the opening of the Stockton and Darlington Railway, built by George Stephenson, the track was 27 Miles long and the steam locomotive Active pulled 32 passenger wagons at ten miles per hour (Stockton & Darlington Railway: centennial, 1925)

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32 Fun DIY Backyard Games To Play (for kids & adults!)

Bean Bag Toss Drill a couple of different sized plastic buckets to a board, and have fun seeing who can get the most bean bags in (or rings, rocks, balls, etc.). Keep score by assigning the buckets with different points based on their size. This could keep the kids entertained for hours!

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I went to a shower recently and it was a display shower meaning all the presents were not wrapped which was amazing because then we didn't have to watch the bride for 2 hours while she opened her presents. So I created this card and poem to do the same thing for my sisters wedding!

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...New years sale and everyone decides to tell us we need more registers. And where would we put them...

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Retail Robin. Yes, they pull the door & are AMAZED that we're closed. Meanwhile, all the staff is amazed that we get to meet our city's dumbest people

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