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Hallucinogens (LSD, mushrooms) Drug Facts | Your Room. Get the facts on hallucinogens – the short and long term effects on your body and life, interaction with other drugs, hallucinogen use during pregnancy, tolerance and dependence, withdrawal, driving, the law (in NSW) and telephone numbers for services in every state in Australia. #knowyourdrugfacts

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This is insane & it reminds me of old times.. Thank goodness I am not using drugs of any sort anymore but I am not afraid to talk about my past. No shame.

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Psychedelic drugs can unlock mysteries of brain – former government adviser

Psychedelic drugs can unlock mysteries of brain – former government adviser David Nutt says research into mental illness is hampered by the prohibition of drugs such as psilocybin and LSD

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LSD's impact on the brain revealed in groundbreaking images

First modern scans of people high on psychedelic drug has given researchers unprecedented insight into neural basis for its effects

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"Fall deep" van Beth Hoeckel. Collage is een goede techniek waarbij beeld uit elkaar wordt gehaald (te fragmenteren) en met die losse fragmenten wordt een nieuw beeld met een nieuwe betekenis gecreëerd.

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this links in to disorder as the persons eyesight is portraying confusion due to the drugs they've taken hence their lack of focus.

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