patterns to cut out your own lucet.
Lucet square cord knitting, we were given a great demonstration by Nicole Jutras
Sorazora Blog: Hand Carved Craft Tools: Rigid heddle, weaving needles, shuttles, a spindle, and Viking lucets for making cordage.
Learning the lucet!
The Lucet Co - followed the link to learn what it is... what a neat gadget!  But I didnt know where to pin it!
Beautiful handcrafted Lucet. A lucet is used for making a looped cord. Used for decorative edging, ties and drawstrings.
Knotted coasters & trivets                                                                                                                                                      More
This looks like a flat lucetted cord
Lucet Flat braid  Nordiske betegnelser:  Tvinningsben = String twisting.  Snoddgaffel: snodd= cord, gaffel = fork hence cord fork  Knytgaffel: knyt= from "knyta" and "knut"= tie, hence tie fork  Slynggaffel: slyng= from "slinga"= coil, hence: coil fork This appears to be the oldest of these terms.