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How to Make Spiral Bamboo

Don't use soil, but other than that a great guide to making Spiral Lucky Bamboo. How to Make Spiral Bamboo


"Lucky Bamboo". We all know that this is no a bamboo, it is a relative of the corn plant (dracaena species), don't we? They almost always come planted in water, put them in soil like any other house plant if you want to keep them a long time.


Tabletop Bamboo Garden,Add a green touch with "lucky bamboo" stems in a handcrafted container: Wrap 1/4-inch copper coil around a 6-inch galvanized end cap and waterproof the inside with silicone caulk. Set atop a 12-inch-square slate tile. The carefree plants thrive in bright light. Root in water and polished stones with a supporting bamboo trellis.