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((Luke Hemmings)) Luke) smiles "Hey, I'm Luke! I'm single and a werewolf. I don't hate any species. Um... Okay?" Chuckles "Come say hi!"

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dylan o'brien and luke hemmings. Oh my god my favorite guys on the planet, in one picture, TOGETHER I can't breath!!!

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Omg I remember when he was posting covers like it was yesterday. Look at him now! Facial hair and everything. My baby grew up.

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this blog is dedicated to luke hemmings, lead vocalist of the australian band 5 seconds of summer....

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[ fc: luke hemmings ] "ello, i'm luke hemmings. i'm 19 years old and single. my siblings are xander, avalon, & violet. i'm in a band with my best mates! i like performing, touring, and goofing around with friends! anyways, introduce?"

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Person: " who would be so disgusting to lick their guitar?" Me: " luke hemmings and btw DONT EVER CALL ANY OF MAH BOYS DISGUSTING OR YOU WILL HAVE 5 SECONDS TO RUN 5....4....3...

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hiya! i am lukey! well luke but i like lukey! i am 18 and single *winks*feel free to come say hi! intro?

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