luke on instagram 12/19/16 (literally kill me it would be less painful)

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my friend Eli blocked Luke Hemmings on Instagram and reported him for harassment because of this picture and honestly ? same.

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And people wonder why I love him so much

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12-29-16: wish with all my heart that we were still us.

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my ovaries are done with this

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He looks like ashton walked in on him touching his drums after he told him not to

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The thing about this picture that makes me sad is that I think that the hand belongs to Arzaylea I could be wrong, dear Lord let me be wrong

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LUKE PLZ>> to be honest when I looked at it it scared the shit out of me but he still looks cute I just wasn't ready

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Person: " who would be so disgusting to lick their guitar?" Me: " luke hemmings and btw DONT EVER CALL ANY OF MAH BOYS DISGUSTING OR YOU WILL HAVE 5 SECONDS TO RUN 5....4....3...

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Luke Hemmings

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