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St. Luke. The Evangelist. He evangelized Greece and Rome. He is one of the earliest converts to Christianity. He was also a physician,studied in Antioch and Tarsus. Many charitable societies are named after him. Legends has that he was also a painter who may have done portraits of Jesus and Mary, but non can be definitively attributed to him.


Madonna Avvocata / Our Lady the Advocate in the Basilica di Santa Maria in Ara coeli al Campidoglio, Roma. | The icon attributed to St. Luke the Evangelist, originated from Jerusalem, by way of the Chalkoprateia Church of the Theotokos in Constantinople, to Rome in the 400s. The present image is a copy, dated to the late 1000s. It is an icon of the Hagiosoritissa type, showing Maria without child, her hands in an intercessory gesture: the Madonna Avvocata.