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Orlando "Lan" Wilson, Sarah Etta Keck Wilson, Lula Wilson Dyke, Luther "Shot" Wilson Sarah Etta is their mother

Luther Campbell aka Uncle Luke


Luther Vandross (1951 - 2005) R&B singer whose hits included "Here and Now", "Never Too Much", "A House Is Not a Home", and "Forever, for Always, for Love"


Peeta Mellark, Percy Jackson, Fred Weasley, Nevile Longbottom, Harry Potter, Ezra Fitz, Mike Montgomery, Noel Kahn, Greg Million, Andrew Campbell my list can go on forever!!


Luther Campbell a former rapper and South Florida legend complained to friends in a bar back in January that Gase would fail because of Tannehill. When a gentleman sitting nearby said Tannehill would get better Campbell argued with the guy until he realized it was Gase having fun at his expense. Submitted November 29 2016 at 06:25PM by gth829c via reddit


MC Shy D (born Peter Jones) is the Bronx-born cousin of Afrika Bambaataa. He began on Luther Campbell's label in 1987 with Got to Be Tough and Comin' Correct in '88. After one more record (1989's Don't Sweat Me), he went through a lean period but rebounded in 1993 with The Comeback. It was a more artistically ambitious release, with more contemporary production and a lean, refined rapping style. Another long hiatus preceded the appearance of Recordnize, featuring DJ Smurf.


2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell Remembers 'True Florida Icon' Janet Reno

2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell Remembers 'True Florida Icon' Janet Reno #headphones #music #headphones

A surly Frank Sinatra (Phil Hartman) discusses music business issues with his guests: Billy Idol (Sting), Sinead O’Connor (Jan Hooks), Luther Campbell (Chris Rock), Steve Lawrence (Mike Myers) and Eydie Gorme (Victoria Jackson). [Season 16, 1991]