FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round 19th August 2011 Lye Town 0 Coventry Sphinx 5 HT (0-0) Attendance: 134 The ground is shared with a cricket club and on this occassion, the Black Country Beer Festival

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A cardboard box that would have contained lye soap. Luke Willy was also the town cop. He made the soap and sold it locally. He was a blacksmith as well. The late 20's and 30's.

Jasmine, Rosewood, and Ylang-Ylang Soap Recipe (Use a lye calculator to determine how much lye and distilled water you’ll need.)

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The Ely Testament (Cathedral Mysteries) #PhillipGooden. "When Mr Lye, an elderly partner at Tom Ansell's law firm, drops dead at his desk, Tom is dispatched to Ely to search for Mr Lye's will at Phoenix House, the home of his brother, Ernest. At the same time, Tom's wife Helen has been commissioned by "New Moon "magazine to write a piece on a town with 'inner beauty' - and what better place than Ely? But shortly after they arrive at Phoenix House, their host is arrested for murder

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This baby girl was named Salida (sa-LYE-da) after the Colorado town where she was born in 1881, but she never received the free plot of town land she was promised...

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