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((FC: Lyndsy Fonseca)) Hi! I'm Brittany. I'm 16. I have the power to heal, as well as my older brother, Brian. We really don't like to see no one get hurt, but we do sometimes fight with other people! So, intro?


"It's never not over," she snapped, facing him. "We will never be able to rest as long as this goes on... And for some of us, that means death." #angelinazoe


(( task: alex )) strengths: Alex is skilled in self defense and an assortment of weapons, mainly firearms and she does have a liking for things that go boom so she’s also familiarized herself with bombs. She’s strong, both mentally and physically, and also independent and confident, although that can be a fault at times. She’s also extremely loyal to those she cares about and the rebel cause, she’d probably die defending what she believed in… is that a strength or a fault?