house-under-a-rock: Lynn Hill & John Long at Camp 4, Yosemite “It seems that with all of the demands of modern life, many people don’t take enough time to simply hang out and enjoy the peace and beauty of nature.” – Lynn Hil

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Lynn Hill on the hyper Gunks classic High Exposure (5.6) first established in 1941. "High E", as it is often called, is known as one of the best routes of it's grade in the world. From the Rock and Snow BLOG-I LOVE THIS CLIMB!

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Lynn Hill - Hill was the first person to free climb The Nose — a popular climbing route in Yosemite Valley with an elevation gain of 2,900 feet.

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Lynn Hill on Half Dome. Photo by Charlie Row, 1977, courtesy of Sender Films/“Valley Uprising”

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Lynn Hill is a badass climber, and she's also physically one of the tiniest women I have ever met. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak in Tahoe a couple of years ago. She's really a pioneer in climbing and was the first women to climb "the nose" on El Cap at Yosemite.

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Gallery - Lynn Hill Climbing

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