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Sherlock Staffel 4

S4 isn't even out yet and we already have this lol (goes without saying, I love it)

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do you guys feel included now? >>>> yay we have been spoken about

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im guilty of making the knife <<< I read a really sad fic and I told my friends and now they think I am crazy and over obsessed.

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Yellow at the end omg

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Heya~! Welcome to my profile! :-D I hope you like my work~ I draw mainly Pucca and Bully, but the odd time I'll submit something a little different! ^^ I'm currently working on a Pucca Fanfiction, ...

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The only way it gets better is if Martin turns up in a Star Trek movie later and then the fanfiction really will follow them everywhere.

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Ordinary people are so adorable. U think I dream about clothes? HA. What's going on in your funny little brains it must be so boring.

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This will be a book of one-shots/imagines/ideas of Johnlock!! There w… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

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"Of course, there are still a few rumors going around... You know... Homestuck? They say nobody made it out alive..."

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