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A soldier using the M-72 LAW Light Anti Armour Weapons System' in contact during an engagement with enemy forces in Afghanistan.

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M-72 A2 LAW - Military Pictures - Air Force Army Navy Missiles Defense

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Still in the first tour; still have a sense of humour. My foot is on some of our explosives storage. The three of us found a lot of M-72 Laws, Grenades, and 30 cal. I may have picked up my personal M-60 here. All that which was left behind. Had trouble believing it was still there in the interim.

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Walter is a major character and figure in the Hillbilly-Redneck army. A former sergeant major in the green berets, he was cross trained as a mechanic, gunner, medic, and sniper. He smuggled back M-72 LAW rockets, RPG's,PM-63's and APB machine pistols. Though he has a negative attitude, however, he helped the redneck army hold out until Conrad D. Constitution's army came and secured Billy Bob's trailer park.

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speech 3 | Portrait of Jacques-Alexandre-Bernard Law, Marquis de Lauriston (1768-1828) LACMA M.72.30 |

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Vietnam War, 81mm Mortar. #VietnamWarMemories

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U.S. paratrooper Sgt. James R. Cone of Clarksville, Tenn., holds a puppy that nipped him as he groped about in a cave entrance on a river bank in Lam Dong Province, July 24, 1966. Troops of the 173rd Airborne Brigade were searching for Viet Cong guerrillas dug into the caves, but the men had fled, leaving only women and children, and one dog. At left is Pfc. George R. Rosen of Whitehall, Mont. / Credit: AP Photo/Henri Huet

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A Marine M60 team lies low, but clearly the assistant gunner has seen something. The assistant gunner wears an eight-point utility cap, while the M60 gunner wears an ARVN rucksack, apparently with foam padding for added comfort. He also uses the lacing method commonly found in Vietnam on his jungle boots.

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